The Cosmic Machine: Table of Contents



The First Law: Energy

1 Nothing for Free
The Conservation of Work

2 Swinging, Falling, and Rolling
The Initial Foundations of Energy

3 Untangling the Mess
Energy, Momentum, Force and Matter

4 The Missing Link
Heat Was the Final Piece to the Energy Puzzle


Nature’s Compensation: Entropy

5 Thoughts of Heat Engines
The Thermodynamic Origins of Entropy

6 Dissipation
The Relationship Between Heat and Work

7 The Preferred Direction
Entropy as Nature’s Sign Post

8 The Other Side of Entropy
Entropy’s Connection to Matter and Atoms


The Pieces: Atoms

9 Speculations of Atoms
Thoughts of Existence Pave the Way for Atoms

10 Two New Philosophies
Rational Versus Spiritual View of Nature

11 Realizing Atoms
The Physical Foundations of the Atom

12 Final Doubts to Rest
The Atom as Physical Reality


Uncertainty: Quantum Mechanics

13 Discrete
Energy’s Devious Secret

14 Light Quanta
Particles and Waves: The Beginning

15 The Quantum Atom
Revisiting the Atom

16 Quantum Mechanics
Nature’s Lottery

From Here to There

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